While you may be ready to start looking into owning a home, renting is always in your best interest if you’re just not quite ready to take the leap into home ownership. You don’t have to worry about building upkeep, worry about mortgage payments or stay in one place for a long time. You still want to be protected in case of unforeseen incidents and that is where renter’s insurance from a Denver insurance company comes in.

Renters Insurance covers more than simply your personal belongings.

  1. Hotel Stay: If your apartment is undergoing repair after a disaster, renters’ insurance can include additional living expenses coverage so you can stay elsewhere temporarily. This type of coverage reimburses you the cost to stay at a hotel or rent another apartment.
  2. Injured Guest: When someone is hurt at your apartment, renter’s insurance could pay medical bills up to whatever the policy limit is. A typical policy can include $1,000-$5.000 worth of medical expense coverage.
  3. You Got Sued: If someone is injured or you hurt someone accidentally in your apartment, liability coverage on your policy would pay for any legal costs, up to the limit on the policy.

When you’re looking to buy renters insurance, but you’re not sure which coverage policy is right for you, contact the team of Zzona Insurance, an experienced Denver Insurance company.



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