Fall is a beautiful time of year in Colorado rife with an array of colors, cooler temperatures, and shorter days. While fall is a lovely time of year to enjoy the outdoors, the short season comes with it the approach of winter. To ensure your home is ready for the cooler temperatures and snow of the winter months, it is important for homeowners to perform some basic fall maintenance including:

Prune trees and shrubs: Proper maintenance of trees and shrubs can prevent disease and tree loss, as well as reduce the likelihood of falling limbs during harsh winter storms. If you don’t feel comfortable performing these tasks yourself, consider hiring an arborist or landscaping company equipped to handle the job.

Rake leaves: While leaves blanketing the ground are pretty, they can inhibit new growth in the spring, so it is important to clear them now before the snow starts falling.

Clean gutters: Pooling water can cause major issues with your roofing and siding, so it is important to clear all gutters and downspouts of leaves and other debris.

Perform exterior repairs: Examine the outside of your home for any areas that need repair. Check the foundation, siding, roof, and fill in any gaps or holes where creatures could get into your home.

Stock up on winter supplies: Make a list of all the supplies you need during winter and begin to stock up. This can include firewood, ice melt, shovels, and home/car emergency kits.

To ensure your home is ready for winter, remember to follow these tips. For questions on winter preparedness or to set up a new homeowner’s insurance policy, contact us at Zzona Insurance today.


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