While August’s weather is similar to July, hot nightly temperatures will be less common as cooler seasons approach. Now is the time to think about getting ready for crisp autumn weather and the upcoming winter snows of Denver. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you on your way into September and beyond.

Many people still use fireplaces and wood burning stoves to heat their homes. Though there are criteria and stipulations, wood burning is still legal in Colorado. Check here to see what these guidelines are before burning. However, it’s important to inspect your wood burning stove to ensure proper function prior to using it. Chimney fires are a major source of home loss during the winter months according to the National Fire Protection Association. Fireplaces and woodstoves can also be a source of carbon monoxide poisoning. Have your chimney inspected and swept annually to remove debris and check for structural integrity to avoid leaks and ensure ventilation. Creosote and soot contribute greatly to chimney issues. Keep in mind what not to put in your fireplace or woodstove to prevent buildup of these substances. Use only dry wood and avoid burning excessive amounts of old papers such as bills or other scrap paper. These create a considerable amount of ash which will build up inside your chimney. Also, burning plastic can create deadly gases besides smelling horrible!

Contact your Zzona Insurance Agent today if you have questions about your wood stove or fireplace. We can tell you if you need to replace your model, we can also recommend a Denver business that can inspect and clean your existing unit.


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